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        About the Exhibition

        Exhibition Overview organization Scope of Exhibits Last Review Download Center Last video

        Scope of Exhibits

        Baking ingredients

        ·         Baking raw materials and ingredients

        ·         Baking additives and preservatives

        ·         Baking stuffing

        ·         Cake decorations

        Baking equipment

        ·         Baking equipment

        ·         Baking molds

        ·         Ovens and accessories

        Baking processing

        ·         Mooncake and mooncake production

        ·         Pastry and pastry production

        ·         Candy and candy production

        ·         Ice-cream and ice-cream production

        ·         Snack and snack production

        ·         Coffee and coffee machines

        ·         Baking processing, and R&D technologies

        Baking packaging solutions

        ·         Baking packaging materials

        ·         Equipment and devices for baking packaging

        ·         Baking packaging design

        Other assisting contents in baking industry

        ·         Laboratory and measuring instruments

        ·         Display, storage and refrigerated cabinets

        ·         Gastronomy and catering

        ·         OEM / ODM

        ·         Services

        ·         Information technologies

        ·         Fitting and furnishing for shops

        ·         Logistics

        ·         Media

        ·         Training institutions