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        Exhibitor Center

        Exhibitors Charging standards Exhibition registration 贊助方案 Exhibition Services

        Exhibition Services

        Direct mail inviting buyers-a total of more than 500,000 buyer invitations and exhibition information will be sent to tens of thousands of professional visitors through direct mail, followed by professional call center staff One-to-one notification, invitation and reminding every professional audience to come to the exhibition.

        Buyers are invited by phone-86 customer service specialists in the call center will call buyers around the clock three months before the show.

        E-mail release of the exhibition news-500,000 exhibition news e-mails will be sent to the target audience in the database in stages.

        SMS invites and reminds buyers to be there-covering 1000,000 pieces of industry data + 300,000 pieces of terminal customer data in the database.

        Powerful publicity offensive-through 7 major publicity channels including subway, TV, Internet, print, radio, outdoor advertising, commercial office building elevator advertising. CCTV, Beijing TV and more than 100 industry media, newspapers, magazines, etc. extensively promote the exhibition, forming a media publicity network that radiates from Shanghai to the whole country.

        Official website promotion-on the basis of promoting the exhibition, we will strive to promote the official website of the conference, enrich the information content of the website, and provide timely industry information, exhibitor dynamics, and network links to participating exhibitors. At the same time, Baidu optimizes the search engine and keyword settings, so that visitors can search for "Shanghai ENT Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy and Medical Beauty Exhibition" exhibition related information, and pre-register for visit information on the official website.

        WeChat publicity and promotion ---- update the WeChat official account information in time, release the latest exhibitor exhibits and company profiles, enrich the information content of the official account, provide industry information, exhibitor news, participate in exhibitor new product recommendations, and organize WeChat visit pre-registration marketing activities.

        Group buyers face-to-face visits-covering 10,000 companies in major business districts in Beijing,  CBD commercial centers, face-to-face visits to invite group buyers to participate in the exhibition, and 5,000 merchants from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai professionals are invited to visit the conference .

        Thousands of people in the Yangtze River Delta region, free shuttle bus to pick up high-quality dealers and agents to visit the exhibition.

        More than 8,000 overseas buyers are invited mainly through sponsoring and undertaking units to outreach customer relations and their overseas institutions, embassies and consulates in China, etc.