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    Bakers rise to the occasion at exhibition

    Bakers make birthday cakes at an international bakery exhibition in Beijing on Jun 9, 2021. The bakery expo kicked off on Tuesday to display fondant cakes, breads and pastries.

    2021-03-30 MORE

    For French baker, China is all about love and loaves

    French native Jean-Pierre Morel, now in his 50s, has loved the smell of baking since he was a little boy. At the age of 16, he became an apprentice at a bakery in Paris. When he was 24, he opened his first bakery, and now has three independent bakeries in...

    2021-03-22 MORE

    Gingerbread fans

    Gingerbread fans
    Parents and their kids make gingerbread houses at Domain bakery, at East Beijing hotel. [Photo/China Daily]

    Sweet and savory confection becomes a holiday favorite in China, Mike Peters reports.
    Yang Yongfang (also kn...

    2021-03-16 MORE

    The Food Packaging Forum has created a searchable database with the chemicals found in the packaging and equipment

    More than 3,000 potentially harmful chemicals found in food packaging

    Scientists have identified...

    2022-10-20 MORE

    create more healthy wheat

    Guilt-free white bread could be available within a decadeFluffy white bread could be as guilt-free as brown within a decade after scientists at a new government-backed research hub vowed to create more healthy wheat.


    2022-10-20 MORE

    Awesome 5 weird ice cream flavors

    [Photo/China Daily]
    This flavor is no longer available, but when it was, boiled cicadas (a type of insect...

    2022-10-10 MORE

    Company develops bread with white crust to decrease food waste

    Photo: Imperial Hotel Co., Ltd.
    A Japanese company recently released a white crust milk bread that it hopes will curb the practice of...

    2022-10-06 MORE

    Baker brings tastes of France to capital area

    In 2003, Benjamin Devos worked at an international hotel in Beijing for seven months, and that short stay changed the young Frenchman's life.
    Seeing authentic French bakeries prosper in many big cities around the world - but not in the Chinese cap...

    2021-03-16 MORE

    Bakery rising to the challenge

    Bakery rising to the challenge
    Wang Siming is a 25-year-old baker's apprentice who suffers from learning disabilities.
    He wakes early every day to take a bus to work. He meets his co-workers at around 8:30 am to start preparing ingredients for...

    2021-03-16 MORE