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    "CBBE China International Baking Exhibition"

    Type of event:     Specialised trade fair

    First held in:      2002

    Intervals between fairs:    Annual

    Visitor target groups:  Professional visitors and decision-makers from the baking and confectionery trades, from the bread, cake and pastry industry, from restaurants and catering companies.

    Exhibition range:
       Baking ovens and accessories, baking and pastry-making machinery, refrigeration, fermenting and air conditioning technology, baking agents, raw materials and ingredients, semi-finished and finished products, ice cream manufacturing, pasta making, furnishings and equipment for shops, cafés and patisseries, packaging machinery, equipment and material, decorative items and baking accessories, cleaning and hygiene, laboratory and measuring equipment, computer hardware and software, services.

          China National Food Industry Association(CNFIA)

    China baked food  Association (CBFA)
          Beijing JingMao International Exhibition Co., Ltd.(JMZL)

               China International Exhibition Center, Beijing( 6 East Beisanhuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing ) 

    Introduction to China National Food Industry Association:

    The China National Food Industry Association, or CNFIA, is a self-discipline organization of national food industry approved by the State Council and established on Oct. 29, 1981. Its primitive tasks and functions include providing overall planning, coordination, guidance and services. For years, CNFIA has cooperated closely with food industry enterprises and made fruitful efforts to the stable, sustainable and coordinated development of Chinese food industry.The CNFIA Membership Representative Conference is its supreme body and the CNFIA Council is the agency to execute daily business. The Sixth Council of CNFIA was elected by the Sixth National Assembly of CNFIA on Sept. 26, 2010.Office Address of CNFIA: No. 5, Taipingqiao Dongli, Fengtai District, Beijing Postal Code: 100073

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