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            Aziridine series


            CAS NO. 57116-45-7
            Molecular formula


            Molecular weight 427.5
            Structural formula HD-110
            Product Image HD-110

            Appearance: colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid 
            Solid content (%): ≥ 99 
            Viscosity (25 °C): < 2000 cp 
            aziridine group content: 6.74 mol / kg 
            Hydroxyl content: 2.34 mol / kg 
            Density (25 °C): 1.18-1.20 g/ml 
            Freezing point (°C): -10 °C 
            Flash point (°C): >100 °C 
            Solubility: completely dissolved in water, alcohol, ketone, ester and other common solvents

            Storage This product should be stored in a place dry, low temperature, sealed and protected from light (including ultraviolet and visible light). Avoid contact with acid and oxidant, avoid freezing or high temperature. The storage period of the product under the original packaging condition is 12 months from the date of production. ; non-flammable, explosive, but a certain degree of corrosive, belonging to the general dangerous goods
            Application Widely used in water-based and some solvent-based inks, coatings, pressure-sensitive adhesives, adhesives, etc., it has significant resistance to washing, scrubbing, chemicals, and adhesion to various substrates. The improvement is; the cross-linking agent belongs to an environmentally-friendly cross-linking agent, and no harmful substances such as formaldehyde are released after cross-linking, and the finished product is non-toxic and tasteless after cross-linking.


            Dosage is usually 1-3% of the solid content of acrylic emulsion or polyurethane dispersion. When the pH value of the emulsion is 9.0-9.5, it is best added. It should not be used in acidic medium. This product mainly cross-links with the carboxyl group in the emulsion. At room temperature, the baking effect is better at 60~80 °C. The customer should test according to the needs of the process. 
            This product is a two-component cross-linking agent. Once added to the system, it is recommended to use it within 6-8 hours. It is best for the customer to test the pot life according to the actual use temperature and the compatible Resin system. At the same time, this product has a slight irritating ammonia smell. Care should be taken to avoid direct contact with the skin and eyes. Try to use it in a ventilated environment. Pay attention to mouth and nose inhalation, wear special masks, gloves, protective clothing.

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