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            Aziridine series



            Appearance: colorless to light yellow transparent liquid 
            Viscosity (25 °C): 30 ~ 100 cp 
            Density (20 °C): 1.09 g / ml 
            Solubility: completely dissolved in water, alcohol, ketone, ester and other solvents

            Storage The packaging specifications are 4x5Kg plastic drum, 25Kg plastic-lined iron drum and user-specified packaging. This product should be stored in dry, cool and sealed condition. It must be avoided to contact with acid and oxidant. It is recommended that the storage temperature be between 10~25°C, Storage. If the temperature is too low, the product may solidify. Heating can melt it, and it can be used normally after melting, without affecting product performance.
            Application It can be used as a nylon reinforcing agent in blending;
            it can be effectively added to the paint printing paste to improve the rubbing fastness and hand feeling of the printing, and no formaldehyde emission;
            it can be added to the water-based acrylic Resin and water-based polyurethane emulsion, after heat treatment It can significantly improve the bonding strength;
            it can beadded to any Resin emulsion with amino, carboxyl and hydroxyl groups. After drying and heat treatment, it can effectively improve the strength and friction resistance of Resin;
            it can be?added to cotton and polyester-cotton treatment pulp. It can improve their durable water and oil repellency;
            it can be?added to the styrene-butadiene latex water-soluble adhesive, which can significantly improve the bond strength after heat treatment;
            it can be?added to any other slurry with baking process. Significantly improve the scrub resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and weather resistance of the coating.


            Addition method : HD-300-3 can be directly added to the system under vigorous stirring. For water-based acrylic emulsion and aqueous polyurethane dispersion, HD-300-3: water = 1: 1 ratio can also be added;

            Adding amount : Usually 1 to 3% of the solid content of acrylic emulsion or polyurethane dispersion. In special cases, it can be added up to 5%. The specific dosage can be determined by customers according to the actual situation.

            System pH : The pH of the emulsion and dispersion system is between 8.0 and 10, and HD-300-3 is the best. It should not be used in acidic medium.

            Applicable period: HD-300-3 is a long-acting aziridine cross-linking agent. It can be stored in the system at room temperature (25 °C). The storage period is generally long, up to several days or even months, due to differences in customer Resin system. The specific application period customers need to test themselves.

            Processing temperature: HD-300-3 is a medium-low temperature curing cross-linking agent, and the treatment temperature is between 60-80 °C to obtain better results.  

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