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            Isocyanate series



            Hydrophilic aliphatic polyisocyanate based on hexamethylene diisocyanate for curing agents in water-based two-component polyurethane systems.

            Physical property Theoretical value
            Viscosity(25℃) 2500-4500 mPa•s
            ω (-NCO) /% 21-22%
            Hazen color value ≤100
            HDI monomer content <0.15
            Solid content (%) 100%

            Hodhyate® 8655 is generally compatible with the following organic solvents: esters, ether esters. However, the solubility/miscibility of the solution must be tested in any case. Only polyurethane grade solvents (water content <0.05) %).

            Hydrophilic isocyanate is very sensitive to moisture and forms carbon dioxide and insoluble urea with water. The container must be kept well at all times. Any form of moisture (moisture solvents and moisture-containing substances) must be avoided because the carbon dioxide produced by the reaction with water can cause Container pressure rises, color darkens and Viscosity increases.

            Storage Stored in a sealed container; Recommended storage temperature: 0-30 °C; Avoid strong moisture, heat and foreign substances; Storage period: 6 months
            Application HD-8655 is a crosslinker for water-based systems; such water-based systems require combination stability and chemical resistance. Although the curing agent is relatively weak, it is in water. In contrast, even in the case of low shear forces that are common in commercial applications, it is easy to emulsify. Coatings prepared using this product can form high gloss and low haze films. Generally dispersed with Hydrophilic curing agents, especially ionic Hydrophilic polyols. When mixing, you can use water to dilute or add a small amount of organic co-solvent to control the increase of Viscosity. Due to the balance between moderate Hydrophilic and high functionality, water-based two-component polyurethane prepared with Hodhyate? 8655 The coating has the characteristics of quick drying and fast hardening, and the formed film has the characteristics of high final hardness and excellent chemical resistance.
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